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Office (856) 783.6320 ext. 1500 Fax (856) 784-9377
Meegan Wadleigh – Technical Assistant to the Construction Official

The Somerdale Construction Department coordinates applications, permits and inspections with not only residents, but the contractors that you hire. For your convenience, applications have been made available below.

If you are moving into Somerdale, or renting a property, you are required to have your property inspected before you move in. Below are the Certificate of Compliance applications that will suit your situation, which will need to be completed for the inspection is done.

Building Form
Application for Certificate of Compliance-Apartments
Application for Certificate of Compliance-Rental Property
Application for Certificate of Compliance-Single Family Dwelling
Mechanical Permit
Landlord Agreement Form
Plumbing Permit Application
Fire Protection Subcode Application
Electrical Permit Application
Concrete Repair of Sidewalks and Driveways Application
Building/Construction Permit Application
Vacant Property Registration Form
Chapter 245 Vacant Property Ordinance

Construction Inspections COVID-19 UPDATE


  1. All required inspections for new construction, residential & commercial-unoccupied buildings and any work on the exterior or outside of any occupied building will be performed as usual.
  2. Rough inspections for new additions will be done provided no entry to the occupied home or building is required. Commercial rough inspections will be done in unoccupied structures.
  3. Contractors(13V Home Improvement Contractors; Licensed Master Plumbers; Licensed Master electricians; HVACR-Licensed Heating -Ventilation- Air Conditioning &Refrigeration contractors) can self certify rough inspections in existing occupied buildings with photos and signed & Licensed sealed documentation for the time being. The certifying contractor will bear responsibility for the work performed for a period of 10 years.
  4. Residential heater, air conditioner, boiler, and or water heater replacement inspections will be deferred to a later date. The licensed contractor that performed thework may also self-certify the installation with photos and sealed documentation.
  5. We ask that social distancing of 6 feet be observed during inspections.