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Planning and Zoning Board meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month at 7 pm if there is board business and are subject to cancellation for lack of agenda. Please contact the Planning and Zoning Board Secretary for more information.

2023 Meeting Schedule

The Planning and Zoning Board performs a variety of services intended to protect, maintain, and develop an attractive, safe, and healthy environment. Primary functions address property development and land use activities occurring in the Borough.

The Planning and Zoning Division provides direction and leadership in implementing the goals, objectives, and policies of the Borough as adopted by the Borough Council.

The Division is also responsible for the orderly development of the Borough and the administration of various land use regulations, including the zoning code, design review ordinances, sign code, and the cultural resources preservation ordinance.


The Somerdale Human Relations Commission ( HRC ) was established on February 2009 as a means of supporting the residents of the Borough of Somerdale, and to encourage them to celebrate the rich diversity that exists in our community. The Commission consists of seven members and two alternates that represent a cross section of the community and are appointed by Mayor and Council. The Commission meets on every third Thursday of every other month, starting in January. Meetings take place 7:00 p.m. at Borough Hall. For more information, please call (856)783-6320 ext. 3300

Each member services one year term. The 2023 members are:

Lucia Gershman -Chairwoman
Tyiesha Scott – Vice Chairwoman
Catherine Brooks – Secretary
Michael Hightower
Jayland Scott- Student Representative
Melissa Durand – Teacher (Somerdale Park School)
Danielle Mayan
Michelle Shockley
Emma Lane
Larry Sefchick – Council Liaison

The purpose and mission of the Somerdale Human Relations Commission is to actively:

  • Encourage residents to participate in activities that celebrate diversity.
  • Create safe and supportive learning opportunities to discuss respect for human rights.
  • Promote cultural inclusion as a key element of every day life.
  • Provide programming to celebrate / address relevant issues that can impact our community.
  • To promote volunteering in programs that helps and supports our community.

To support these charges, the commission shall provide ongoing services designed to facilitate learning, celebrate healthy communities and / or address acts that can negatively impact the residents of Somerdale Borough.

The HRC has engaged in a wide variety of activities and events throughout the community, such as celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s memory by actively participating in his day of service, working with residents, students, and businesses, and we continue to have a very successful food drive to support our local food pantries. Enjoying the support from our businesses, we were able top present our Multi Cultural event at Flying Fish Brewery. The event presented an opportunity to meet residents throughout our community and share stories. The HRC is always available at events such as Memorial Day Parade, National Night Out, and Somerdale Day, to talk with residents and nurture the health of our great community.

The HRC has continued to work with Somerdale Park School students in presenting our Cool To Be Kind program that addresses the effects of bullying. Students K thru 8 participate in the event, which helps them understand the impact bullying has on each and every student. The HRC has also enjoyed opportunities to work with the teachers involved with the ESL program at Somerdale Park School. Students were able to enjoy the wonderful tradition of Christmas, some for the first time in their lives.

The Somerdale Human Relations Commission has maintained a steady membership throughout 2018. We are currently and always seeking new members who want to be actively involved in our community.

For more information, contact Councilman Larry Sefchick at or by calling (856)783-6320 ext.3300.


Become a Member
You can help your community by serving as a member of a number of boards and commissions within the Borough. The Recreation Commission plans and coordinates events for the Borough throughout the year. If you would like more information, please email